The digital fit solution
for formalwear retailers
& tailors

Suitable allows your customers to
find their perfect fit using the power
of garment data

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Why we’re here
How do we do it?

Who we've helped

"Our partnership with Suitable has been a game-changer for Alder & Green. The tool has empowered our customers to find their perfect fitting shirt on the first try, leading to a decrease in returns and a boost in sales conversions. Suitable has transformed our customer experience, contributing significantly to our rapid growth in the industry." Cormac Folan - CEO

32% increase
Sales Conversions
44% decrease
Fit-Related Returns

How we do it

Your customers input the Brand, Size & Fit of their best fitting shirt.

Suitable uses this information to extract the exact measurements of the customer’s shirt....

...and uses this data to compare the customer’s shirt against every size and fit available at your store.

We then tell your
customer what size and fit at your store is most similar to the shirt they already own.


How we help you

Reduce Returns
Reduce returns by ensuring your customers find the perfect fit and feel, first time.
Increase Conversions
Increase customers’ purchasing confidence while shopping at your store.
Improve Sustainability
Streamline your manufacturing process and reduce returns waste.
Data Insights
Insights into how your specifications compare to the market and reports on your customers’ shopping habits.
No Sensitive Information
Suitable requires no personal information from your customers. Just three details about their favourite fitting shirt.
Digitise Made to Measure
Utilise Suitable’s database to offer a fully digital and bespoke made to measure service.

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